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Red Polls added to Trust’s armoury

September 6, 2014
Wassledine Red Poll cattle now part of the Wildlife Trust's armoury

Wassledine Red Poll cattle – now part of the Wildlife Trust’s armoury

Last week, we sold three, year old heifers to the Wildlife Trust in Bedfordshire and they are now enjoying life on Flitwick Moor, an intriguing wet woodland nature reserve to the north-east of Flitwick. This is a place where, in the past, peat was cut and iron-rich spring water sold as a blood tonic. The cattle will help to keep vegetation under control as they sample what must be an interestingly different selection of plants – birch, ferns, bracken, alder and even Sphagnum moss. Not things they would find in Gravenhurst. Apparently they will overwinter outside on Pegsden Hills – within sight of us – on the much drier chalk hills. If you meet them, they are Wassledine Paprika, Winnie and Beryl – do say hello.

We currently have stocks of Red Poll beef in our freezer and hope to have another batch of fresh beef available during October, so please contact us if you’d like some now or why not sign up to receive occasional emails from us – click here; that way you’ll hear when the next batch of fresh beef is due.

To find out more about our farm and how we manage it, click here.

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