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Flowers power positive thought

July 5, 2015
Lady's bedstraw amongst the grasses - fragrant and beautiful

Lady’s bedstraw amongst the grasses – fragrant and beautiful

Let’s be positive. Sometimes difficult but I’m happy when I can look at a job that I’m struggling with in 30 degrees during July, and that I had thought I’d sort out in May, in a positive light.
Last December we cleared a very badly silted pond and the result has been excellent so far. To get a machine to the pond a fence had to be removed and of course in winter the fence was redundant, all our animals being safely housed in a barn.
Now, in the first week of July, with high temperatures, little rain and lots of cattle to feed, that field, now full of grass, has become essential.
So I’m racing to get a fence up. Sweating and swearing in the rather un-British heat. I’ve spent a good amount of time being critical of myself for a lack of organisation (reasonable enough really), but my late fencing and lack of cattle in this field has meant that the flowers have bloomed like I’ve never seen them before. A beautiful mix of red clover, selfheal and lady’s bedstraw is particularly eye-catching. The latter’s froth of soft yellow flowers has a subtle sherbetty fragrance and that, I suspect explains its name – a bloom favoured by ladies as a masker of bed chamber nasty niffs.
The power of positive thinking – wish I could pull that off more often.

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