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Wet, wet Woburn

March 18, 2013
Wet, wet Woburn

Wet, wet Woburn

Great to be back at farmers’ markets for the spring!Yesterday Woburn and for the hour it didn’t rain we did well. After that there was a little dampness in the air and by about 12.30, all but the most die-hard shoppers had retired, either home or to the many warm, snug and dry hostelries in the village; beaten by driving rain and bitter wind.

Amongst market traders, who it’s fair to say are willing to grumble about most things, there was a shared feeling of admiration for the few who stuck it out and bought their carrots, sausages, honey and yes, stems of pussy willow and pea sticks.

We will be at Harpenden next Sunday 24 March and Sunday 28 April, then back at Woburn on Sundays 31 March and 21 April and Sunday 19 May. Do come and say hello. If you’d like us to bring anything for you, please let us know.

A big thank you to regular customer Margaret for her gift of a pound of honey. After a day of cold and damp I took much solace in sour-dough bread from the Celtic Bakery and her lovely honey.

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