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Ready for the rain

December 22, 2012
More willow balls to make - in the dry

More willow balls to make – in the dry

I woke up early this morning, thinking to get some paper work done before getting out to use all the light the day can muster. Of course I forgot the weather. It’s raining hard and the forecast suggests that it could continue through to the end of Christmas Eve. I did know this but had forgotten, in my keenness to get ahead of myself.

One bright angle is a small pleasure in knowing that we finally have all the cattle inside – rather late this year, but there you are. We moved a load of straw yesterday to create space to house our bull, with a young heifer to keep him company. This also meant moving another heifer across the road. The mud and ooze is becoming horrible. The ground was totally saturated, so I suspect it may be flowing this morning, after last night’s rain.

What I really wanted to do today and tomorrow was cut hazel. It would be good to make some progress with that, but it’s not something to do in heavy rain unless you really have to. With the ground completely saturated, it’s very difficult to get a vehicle anywhere across the farm.

Now I’m hearing myself moaning about the weather – sorry. It’s December, it’s wet, dark and cold; get over it. I’ll move on to complete an order for willow balls to go to an Oxfordshire garden designer. That’s something I can do indoors and it would be good to get them finished.

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