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Willow hurdles for a sand pit

December 17, 2012
Panels to cover a sandpit (above) and a 1m diameter obelisk (below)

Panels to cover a sandpit (above) and a 1m diameter obelisk (below)

In September I was asked to visit a very beautiful garden near St Albans to talk about a couple of jobs.

Here was a gardener with great taste and some clear ambitions to create something lovely. I was flattered to be asked to make a contribution; flattered and a little nervous.

A large square sand pit needed a cover to prevent access to cats. As the pit was more than two metres square, one panel would be too heavy for one person to move. Three matching panels, each with a finger whole, did the job pretty well. Making them was a bit fraught though; I hadn’t made such long ones before and had to use a step-ladder to reach the tops.

I also delivered a metre diameter obelisk last Thursday. It sounds daft that even after years doing this kind of thing I still have trouble visualising the size of these kind of things. One metre diameter equates to 3.14m around (as any fule kno) – that needs a lot of uprights! A willow ball on the top made it into quite a thing.

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