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Hawks v rabbits but hopefully not partridges

October 21, 2012
Emily and Erin (the Harris hawk)

Emily and Erin (the Harris hawk)

Last week Emily and Erin (the Harris hawk) visited the farm on the look out for rabbits. Although we have two people regularly shooting, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to have another way to keep on top of our bunnies. We fancied seeing this impressive bird on the wing so followed them around for a while, but it could be that our presence scared the rabbits as I think they struck out completely. Emily was back yesterday but we haven’t heard how she got on.

Although we are keen to see the rabbits under control, we are a bit concerned that such a bird might pick off other animals that it chances upon. Partridges, particularly the grey or English ones or perhaps other wild birds might be at risk. It may take a fancy to a hare. Although larger than rabbits a hare might be killable. And what about such a large hawk’s presence on the farm – would it scare birds to such an extent that they move away? If you happen to read this and have some knowledge of such things, do let us know what you think.

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