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No sale for Admiral

October 1, 2012
Joy Broughton puts the finishing touches to Admiral's new clean look

Joy Broughton puts the finishing touches to Admiral’s new clean look

Apparently Admiral enjoyed his trip to the Midlands on Saturday; quite at home amongst the sights and sounds of a busy Stoneleigh showground for the Red Poll Cattle Society’s annual show and sale. He also seemed to enjoy the attentions of Joy and Ted who provided a wash and shampoo service that was second to none. Cows and heifers were selling well but only one of eight bulls available sold and that was Saturday’s prize-winning animal from the Hinwick herd in Buckinghamshire. Well done to them. Slightly disappointing for everyone else though.

In all honesty, having Admiral back in Gravenhurst isn’t the end of the world. In fact we were both secretly rather pleased to see him again. We will have to change our wintering plans a little to ensure he is happily housed with some company a distance away from the rest of the herd with its maturing females. Thanks to Mick, Penny, Ted and Joy for all of their help on Saturday.

On a rather more positive note, we sold two heifers on Sunday. These went off to Essex to augment a herd that’s converting to Red Polls after having kept  mainly Dexters in the past. We hope they had a  good trip and that Wassledine Ruby and Fennel produce some excellent calves for their new owners.

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