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Selling Admiral

September 28, 2012
Admiral - Red Poll bull for sale

Admiral – Red Poll bull for sale

Yesterday we moved Admiral along with his two female companions, back to Gravenhurst from his temporary home in neighbouring Shillington. The three of them now reside in our newly cleared shed and I can’t help thinking they are probably wondering what’s going on. There’s still loads of grass to eat but they are inside eating hay and straw. Perhaps cattle don’t think in these terms, in fact I’m fairly certain that they don’t. However I would forgive them for being a little miffed. The reason for their confinement is a need to dry Admiral’s digestive system so that he is presentable at a sale tomorrow, and not covered in poo.

He is such a lovely animal. Quite laid back. He stopped half in and half out of the trailer; perplexed more than irritated – oh there I go again. He stopped anyway and Jane pulled on his halter and unable to think of anything else to do, I pushed his rump. Pointless really. Jane managed to persuade him that an empty bucket might be worth looking into. It wasn’t, but it got him on board.

We will be sorry to see him go on Saturday morning. If you fancy buying him, take a trip to the Royal Agricultural Society Showground at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Having said that, we will be sorry if he comes home unsold. No pleasing some people!

We’ll keep you posted.

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