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How to make a willow obelisk for your sweet peas

April 8, 2012
Making a willow obelisk (image thanks to Debs)

Making a willow obelisk (image thanks to Debs)

I ran a day’s course for a group of Bedfordshire gardeners last Saturday, all of whom, apparently wanted to know how to make an obelisk from willow.

After a week of hot, sunny days, during which I’d got sunburnt (odd for March around here), Saturday turned out decidedly cold with a penetrating wind blowing from the north-west. Leaving home, towing a trailer piled high with bundles of willow, I was pretty gloomy and half expected nobody to show.

I was wrong. The 14 takers were as keen as could be and threw themselves into the task, listened to all my stuff, hardly complained about the cold and some laughed at a couple of my jokes.

As always seems to be the case, everyone produced something great by the end and they all gave the appearance of feeling pleased with themselves. I enjoyed their company, learned quite a bit about Western Australia and now need to build a pizza oven. Huge thanks to Catherine for organising everything including great food (great pizzas Nick) and virtually non-stop tea.

Let us know if you are interested in taking part in a similar course

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