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Welcome to the wurzels

November 23, 2011
big but not beautiful - the pet mangelwurzle

big but not beautiful - the pet mangelwurzle

Until last weekend I’m not sure I believed in mangelwurzels. I’d heard of  The Wurzels and was aware of hearing people refer to roots as mangles; but now I know the truth.

A mother and son team in the village who grow vegetables to an olympic standard and scale called recently to offer us mangelwurzles as cattle feed. Either a crazy hoax or these things are real. And so it turned out. We picked up half a trailer load last Sunday. Quite red and to be honest, not the prettiest vegetable – if there was going to be a parade I’d be tempted to place it towards the back, unless we’re talking size – then they’d be right up there at the front.

They are a member of the beet genus Beta and are apparently a nutritious fodder for cattle and pigs. In the absence of a mincer, we cut a couple up with a spade and presented them to Admiral and Chestnut, who after  an initial excited sniff and lick, turned up their noses and walked away.

So we now have a pile of mangelwurzels which our animals don’t like. I think actually that they will develop a taste for them, especially when they’ve been on a completely dry diet of hay and straw for a while.

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