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Everyone’s in the garden

April 1, 2011
willow obelisk; 2 metres tall by 1m diameter

willow obelisk; 2 metres tall by 1m diameter

Spring has arrived with a flurry of orders for pea sticks, bean poles and obelisks of all sorts destined for the gardens of those who are rather more prepared for the coming season than us. Some years we never quite reach a state of preparedness.

I’ve made a huge obelisk today, which is an order for an allotment in Bedford. I suspect if I took it to a market, people would suggest that I imprison their children in it. I’m also working on three willow balls, each of one metre diameter. I’ve nearly finished the first; the challenge will be to make the next two to match. They will be suspended from the ceiling above a banquet in honour of Shakepeare’s birthday, so they better be good.

There is a bit of a backlog of obelisks and other willow work to deal with, along with loads of pea sticks to work up and get into bundles; but it’s great to be busy and producing such a range of exciting stuff.

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